Which Super Power Would You Choose?

One of my favourite television moments comes from the comedy show Friends, when Chandler asked the question: “Shall I use my invisibility to fight crime, or for evil?”

I recently watched a television documentary entitled “Earth from Space” which was a mind-blowing look at how our world has changed over the last few centuries. Using satellite data and stunning images, the documentary showed the various ways we are now interconnected. We’re connected by telephone cables, roads, shipping and air routes, and our internet communications. We can consume products from any part of the world. We can be anywhere in the world within twenty-four hours. We can speak to someone on the other side of the world right now. Our world has become a gigantic global village.

You would think, then, that we should all be able to get everything we want and need.

With cameras monitoring us in the streets, and electronic data recording our every interaction, movement, and transaction, you’d think there’d be enough data to figure out exactly who needs what, and how to get it to them.

Millions of us happily snap pictures of the minutia of our lives and voluntarily post them for the world to see. Our beliefs, habits, opinions and desires are openly displayed. The algorithms have been created. Even the robots know what we want.

The greatest magic the world has ever seen. The most powerful tool. It’s at our fingertips.

What will we do with this super power? 

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