Between Stars by Vicki Arnott

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Two girls at loggerheads, aliens, and  budding romance.

Sage’s life doesn’t fit. She’s awkward at school, ignored by her father, and her mother is pressuring her to pursue goals that she’s not ready for. Her secret dreams seem unattainable.

Her year gets worse when Sage is paired for a class project with Julia, the girl who seems to have it all. Dealing with Julia is bad enough, then they’re abducted by aliens! Now that she’s on a space ship speeding across the galaxy towards and ominous fate, Sage just wants her old life back. Can she and Julia deal with aliens, each other, and find a way back home? Can they prevent a sinister alien from learning about Earth? Because if they don’t, they may not have a home to return to.

Get ready for an exciting coming-of-age, science fiction adventure, with unexpected twists.

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Christmas Crackers: A Collection of Magical Christmas Tales by Vicki Arnott


Magic, Elves, Christmas Cheer and a little Mayhem

What happens when something unexpected falls out of a Christmas cracker?

What happens when an elf goes missing and she doesn’t want to come home?

What happens when an elf can’t control his magic?

What happens when an elf grows tired of Christmas and her magic becomes tainted?

What happens if a magical Christmas realm is in danger of being discovered by humans?

If you love uplifting and heart-warming Christmas stories, you’ll love this collection of short stories packed with magic and Christmas cheer.

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The Crystal Bluebird by Vicki Arnott

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Magic,  an enchanted castle, a trapped queen, mythical and fantasy creatures, and a quest.

It’s the school holidays, Mary, Ron, and Cassandra have just moved into an old property they’ve inherited, it’s raining, and they’re bored. When Mary discovers a crystal necklace and an old book, telling a story of a magic bluebird, a missing princess, and a sad queen who is trapped in her castle, things start to get interesting.

Transported into the fantasy, storybook world by magic and a wish, the children soon discover that the only way to get home will be to find the missing princess, and free the queen.

If you enjoy stories like The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, A Wrinkle in Time, and The Never-Ending Story, you’ll enjoy this modern fairy-tale adventure about helping others and finding friends.