About Vicki Arnott


I live in rural New Zealand, surrounded by pine forest and farmland, near the foot of Mount Tarawera, a sleeping volcano, and the shores of Lake Rerewhakaaitu.

I have been a school teacher since 1987, a career which has brought many challenges and rewards. My greatest joy as a teacher, is seeing children’s eyes light up with excitement or pride, when they make new discoveries or overcome challenges. I have always felt that I learned just as much, or perhaps more, than I ever taught my students.  I love teaching literacy, and the arts, particularly dance and drama.

I encourage my students to try to discover what they love to do, and to follow their dreams. Ever since I was a child at school, I have loved to write, and my dream has been to write a book. My dream finally came true in 2015 when I completed my first novel

The Crystal Bluebird.

The Crystal Bluebird_1600x2400pxI find that each time I set myself a goal, I begin a new journey of learning and discovery. I have learned such a lot through the process of writing and publishing my book, and even though I have accomplished my goal, I know I am only beginning this journey. I am looking forward to what comes next, and I invite you to join me.

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