Douglas Archer

Use the name Douglas Archer and the word ‘curious’ to create a character.

The auditorium pulsed with the vibrating bass and the shrieks of two thousand obsessed fans, as Darch screamed into the microphone, “Curious! We were curious!” The laser beams roved across the audience like a lighthouse beam over a roiling ocean. Sweat glistened on his bared chest and dripped down the taught muscles bugling on his forearms as Darch thrashed the music from the guitar strings. Pete beat a final frenzy on the drums and as the last strangled howl of the synthesizer rang out and faded, Darch leaped from his podium to the edge of the stage, and leaned out close to the forest of clutching hands, giving the hysterical teenagers one last thrill.

When the make-up was gone and the spangled costume had been replaced with well-worn jeans and simple white t-shirt, Douglas Archer, the real man, flopped onto his couch and picked up his battered acoustic guitar. His song floated into the room on gentle chords. The way it had before the corporate genie had transformed it for popular public consumption. Douglas frowned, dropped the guitar on the couch, and stalked over to the window. He thrust his hands into his pockets and stared into the dark night.

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