Breaking the Journey

David reached the crest of the sand dune ahead of Bethany. He turned and beckoned her to hurry.

“C’mon Mum, the waves are really huge!”

Smiling, Bethany lengthened her stride, pushing her feet into the soft sand. Before she reached the top, David was off down the other side.

“Wait for me David,” Bethany called, but the wind snatched her words and carried them away. David ran on towards the foaming ripples.

The whipping wind at her ears was penetrated by the squawk of seagulls and David’s laughter as he splashed into the water, jumping the incoming waves. Bethany bent to scoop up David’s discarded sneakers and socks as she followed his footprints to the edge of the water.

“Roll your pant legs up higher.”

“I don’t care if I get them wet,” David shrieked as the next wave crested and soaked his trousers to mid-thigh.

Bethany sighed. David stopped jumping and looked at her face. Another wave splashed behind him, wetting the seat of his pants. Bethany glared.

“Come out of there now!” she commanded, but her eyes twinkled. David laughed.

“I can hang them by the fire when we get to Nana’s,” he said.

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