Awe and Wonder

Recently, my imagination was captured by an incredible building.

I say recently, but really, buildings have always intrigued me. This fact was made evident when I returned from an overseas trip and looked at my photos. Yes, there were a few snaps of the people who’d shared my adventure, and typical tourist shots of the places we’d visited, but I found that many of my photographs were of interesting architecture. Buildings have always excited my imagination and caused me to wonder.

Old buildings especially, have always been my favourite. Their character and mystery appeals to me. I see them, and my mind begins to question: What have the walls witnessed over time? Who has passed through those rooms? Of course, my imagination answers, and movies play in my head. I hear music and laughter. I see passion and intrigue. Magic is conjured, and new dimensions open.

The magnificent structure that has stolen my heart isn’t an old building at all. It’s a stunning modern marvel that was completed in 2015. The Shanghai Tower. It came to my attention as I flicked through the television channels, searching for something interesting to watch. I landed on a show highlighting some of the world’s most amazing buildings, both modern and ancient.

There are an impressive array, but the Shanghai Tower is my favourite. It’s rather spectacular. It’s beautiful, but also wonderfully designed, so that it’s environmentally friendly too. I was so captured by this building that I’ve even looked it up online, wanting to know more. This building excites my sense of awe and wonder. It is a shining example of what human beings can achieve. It inspires my hope and faith that we, humans, can solve all the problems that the future might bring.

It also sparks my story-telling imagination. It sits in a beautiful landscape among other impressive buildings, and gives me a sense of the future science-fiction world I used to see only in movies. It makes me feel like that future has arrived. New stories stir in my imagination. New movies play in my head. Thrilling sci-fi action and shiny technology. I can’t wait to get to work on that story.

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