‘Twas The Night After Christmas

By Vicki Arnott

I’ve kissed, hugged and fare-welled the relatives. Items of furniture have been replaced in their original positions. Dishes and cutlery restored to their proper locations in drawers and cupboards. Loads of towels and sheets have been through the laundry. The extra blankets are neatly folded and returned to their linen-cupboard shelves.

The anti-social cat has crept back into the house and reclaimed its position on the couch. The three remote control devices have been tracked down and lined up on the coffee table. The sticky floor has been mopped. The toilet roll stand has been re-stocked. The crumpled Christmas wrap flowing from the rubbish bag has been compressed.

A six-month supply of chocolate is stashed in the pantry. The uncharacteristically laden refrigerator shelves have been rearranged. No cooking required tonight. The scrap bucket is full. The pigs will enjoy their Christmas dinner soon.

The Christmas tree lights still twinkle cheerfully, though the floor now looks barren beneath. My cup of tea has brewed. A small stack of new DVD’s waits near my chair. I sit down and put my feet up.

We’ve all had a very merry Christmas and now my peace and goodwill has been restored.

One comment

  1. Very descriptive and well written. it put a picture in my mind. I can’t wait to read the Crystal Bluebird
    Ada and Stephanie


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